Madden 20 Fitness Rules

Madden 20 rules can be used if you are playing alone online but for added incentives play with your squad online to see who is the real NFL champion. Challenge your friends in the trophy challenge room or video your fitness challenges and tag @gamersfoodco on social media for a chance to win a care package.

Madden Fitness Rules


  • 4 press ups for incomplete pass
  • 6 squats for loss on a running play
  • 5 mountain climbers and 5 squats for a fumble recovered by the offense
  • Nominate your opponent to do 3 burpees for any touchdown


  • 8 press ups when offense gains 1-5 yards
  • 8 Squats when offense gains 6-10 yards
  • 10 press ups or 10 squats if you concede a touch down
  • When playing against your friend the loser has to do 20 reps of any exercise the winner chooses and has to do one of the following dances:
    • Floss, Best Mates, Turk’s Dance, Electro Shuffle, Fresh Dance.